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UYOU LOGISTICS INC. 海外仓,坐落于美东。美东拥有美国最密集的人口,是众多跨境电商卖家的最优选择,离纽约港口只有40分钟车程,交通方便,费用低! 提供美国、加拿大亚马逊、ebay多渠道卸货、发货、退换货、换标签、FBA中转等服务。 完善的实时、高效、准确的海外仓管理系统,卖家可以24小时随时准确查询库存、定单情况。助你省钱、省心征战海外市场。

UYOU LOGISTICS INC overseas warehouse, located in the eastern United States " 90 Dayton Ave (Gate A,Building18 i) Passaic NJ 07055" . From New York port/New York airport only need 40 minutes by car, The traffic is very convenient, save your money and time. Provide the United States, Canada Amazon, ebay multi-channel loading, shipping, returns, change the label, FBA transit and other ocean shipping services. Perfect, efficient and accurate warehouse Management software system , sellers can query accurate inventory、orders 24 hours. Help you save money, focus on your sells to expedition overseas markets.


Contract Us(联系方式):
U.S.A: (+1) 973 894 3479
Warehouse address: 90 Dayton Ave (Gate A,Bulding 18 i)Passaic, NJ 07055
Email: Tom@uyoulogistics.com

China(中国): QQ: 287642158 Tel: 158-5923-0935,微信(Wechat) 287642158


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